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Our Hotline Service relies on a group of passionate volunteers.  They provide 24 hour emotional support service to those who are distressed, hopeless and having suicide intention.  They are willing to listen, care, and walk with the help seekers to face their problems and finally regain their hope for the future and confidence in facing the challenges ahead.

We believe that: People with emotional troubles can be positively influenced by our sincerity, they may acquire our belief that there are always someone concerned about others

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If you are having an intention of suicide, please wait. Call us now. We are not professional counsellors or psychiastrists. We are just a group of people who understand what it is when someone is in despearate moments.
We are willing to listen to you - Call us at 23892222 (24-hour) Or Email: touch@sbhk.org.hk (Attn: The Samaritans)
Or Chatpoint (Web Engagement Service): https://chatpoint.org.hk/ (Service hours: Monday to Friday 4 pm - 1 am; Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 8pm - 1am)

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24Hours hotline:23892222